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Beach 2009

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Happy Memorial Day

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More Woosification of our Children

Now you can’t even recognize the top two academically in a graduating class. At Central York High School, here in York (But thankfully not where Owen will go) they feel that singling out the top two students in the class caused an “unhealthy competition.” What motiviation is there for children to work hard at all then? If you are going to make up awards to give everyone one so that no one feels left out them what is the point?

Full Story Here.

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I realized today its been a while since I have posted anything. I have been very busy with work, school etc. I will attempt an all encompassing update here.

The pool is almost done. Everythign is complete with the pool installation except for the final grading of the area around the pool. We selected a contractor to install a fence for us which should be up sometime in the next 2 – 3 weeks. I plan on working on setting up the area where I need to pour a concrete pad for the hot tubs new location this weekend. (If it doesn’t rain!)

I completed teaching Telecom Fundamentals for HACC on Monday. That was rough. Two nights a week since January. I am currently only teaching an online class for Central Penn. Beginning July 6th I will be teaching Wednesday nights at Central Penn (Computer Forensics) and an online class (Network Management). I enjoyed the HACC class since I learned alot I did not know about VOIP and got to work with some of the equipment hands on but two nights a week was a bit much.

Sucks! I know eneryone says that. In late May our company let another 50 people go. I had to let 1 go and notify 1 that they will be let go in November. Good News is if you didn’t get notified in May then you will have a job through the end of the year. Bad news is there will be more lay offs next year. But eventually (5 – 6 years) there will be no employees left since the company will have completed the run-off of their business. I just hope to get a year or two here until the economy has a chance to get back going again and there are some jobs available for a smart talented IT Manager like myself.

Seems to have turned the corner. After a rough couple of weeks of not listening the past two weeks have been very good. And we no longer need to sit outside his door at night until he falls asleep. He stays in his room all night!

That is all for now.

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Really Close

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Almost Done

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