Tough Day

March 4, 2009 at 4:06 pm Leave a comment

I have had some really bad days in my relatively short IT career. A few that stick in my mind:

The weekend after Christmas when I ended up working 30 hours to get a failed server in Indiana back up and running from York, PA.

The weekend we upgraded the San Francisco radio station to the new network. We worked for like 36 hours straight.

The night Rich and I were doing maintenance (one of the only times I did maintenance) and Fornax stopped working.

Today was probably one of the top 5 worst. I had to tell a guy that works for me that his position was eliminated and his last day was Friday. What made this so tough?

First of all it is the first time I have had to do something like this and it wasn’t like he was getting let go because he was bad at his job. In the case of a performance issue I think it would be a little easier because at least you can say the employee fired themselves because of their lack of performance. This was strictly a business decision because our company is failing.

Second, the economy. It sucks out there for people looking for a job. There really isn’t much out there. Even for seasoned IT veterans.

Thirdly because this was the first of several rounds of layoffs that our company will be going through over the next few months.

Lastly because this guy is an older guy who was probably ready to retire in a few years until the bottom fell out of the stock market.

He took the news well (he had been through it before). So that made it a little better.


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Happy Birthday Abi! Spring!

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