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My friend Brian posted a rather long post here. It is a little long but worth the read. Going along with this I started reading a new book “Developing the Leader Within You” by John C. Maxwell. Now I am not a big religious guy and John Maxwell is so I am not sure how this is going to go but there was an interesting story at the end of Chapter 2 that fits along with what I think Brian is pondering in his rant.

In January 1984 Senator Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts announced he would retire from the US Senate and not seek reelection. He was a rising political star. He was strongly favored to be reelected, and had even been mentioned as a potential future candidate for the presidency.

A few weeks before his announcement, Tsongas learned he had a form of lymphatic cancer that could not be cured but could be treated. In all likelihood, it would not greatly affect his physical abilities or life expectancy. The illness did not force Tsongas out of the Senate, but it did force him to face the reality of his own mortality. He would not be able to do everything he might want to do. So what were the things he really wanted to do in the time he had?

He decided that what he wanted most out of his life, what he would not give up if he could not have everything, was being with his family and watching his children grow up. He would rather do that than shape the nation’s laws or get his name in the history books.

Shortly after his decision was announced, a friend wrote a not to congratulate Tsongas on having his priorities straight. The note read: “Nobody on his death bed ever said, ‘I wish I spent more time on my business.'”

I thought that last quote was great. I would encourage eveyrone to reflect on their priorities and make sure that you know what is really important in your life. For me personally I am figuring out that I don;t need to be completely happy and stisfied with the job that pays my bills. Becuase I can teach colllege classes part time and really enjoy that. And every night and weekend I get to spend time with Owen and Abi.


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