Giving Credit

July 9, 2007 at 7:47 am Leave a comment

For all of the bashing that cable and telephone companies take I thought I should pass along a positive experience with Comcast I recently had.

As you can tell from my blog posts below we are moving soon. So last Sunday I called Comcast to schedule our cable and Internet to be moved. While I was at it I figured that I could sign up for their Digital Voice product. This way we can keep the same number. I went through the process with the customer service person. When he put the order in for our phone service to be setup he ran into some trouble with our number. So he said that he would put the order in requesting a new number and then later they would transfer our current number.

Not feeling all that comfortable with this gentleman’s answer and assuming that Comcast probably does not have their best and brightest people working on a Sunday evening, I decided to call during the week over my lunch hour to get the phone thing resolved.

I called in and spoke with Steve who worked with me for 20 minutes on the phone and ended up calling two different departments. Finally he stated that he would work on it and call me back after 5 PM.

At 5:15 that night he called me back and stated that he got things worked out mostly and would be able to finish the setup tomorrow. He would call me and walk me through the third party verification.

Sure enough at 10AM the next morning he called and left a message. I called him back over lunch and went through the verification.

At this point I am very impressed with Steve and his diligence in sticking with my issue to get it resolved. Even if the phone service is messed up at least he followed up on the issue with me. A rare thing in this day and age of shipping call centers to India. I only wish I knew where Steve worked so I could pass along kudos to his supervisor. Perhaps a Comcast employee or two who read this will be able to tell me.


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