IPod Rant

December 29, 2006 at 12:23 pm Leave a comment

I frequently listen to my IPod at work when I really need to get things done and can not be distracted.  Somehow it helps me focus believe it or not.  A few gripes I have though.


  1. The Shuffle Songs feature seems to love Elvis!  I have read a few postings about the shuffle feature on the IPod being not so random.  Well mine definitely gets stuck on certain artists.
  2. I have to sync my IPod every week or so or my purchased music (Yes I do purchase music from time to time) stops working.  The IPod just skips right over the purchased songs but continues to play the stolen songs.  Must be a way for Apple to keep track of who listens to what and how often.
  3. Steve Jobs knowing that I have listened to the Numb/Encore JayZ Lincoln Park Mashup 50 times in 6 months.  I can not prove it but am sure that this information is not tracked just so that the IPod can tell which songs are in the Top 25 most played.  Why would Apple leave valuable marketing information like that out there and not collect it?
  4. ITunes Store.  I have gotten a few ITunes gift cards as presents and have purchased 1 album and 38 Songs so far ($47.61 with no tax).  Why is the ITunes site so hard to navigate?  If it is not in the New Releases or Top 10 hits it is very time consuming to browse through the store.

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