Calamity of Errors

December 27, 2006 at 1:28 pm Leave a comment

Mr. Murphy has struck again.  We are having a new hardwood floor installed in the Dining Room at our house.  So the installers show up this morning to begin the work.  Abi is off today and supervising.  Last night we emptied the room of furniture.  Abi mentioned taking the Dogs to Groomingdales for a few hours to get them a bath and pedicure and to keep them out of the workers way.

First this morning when the installers were cutting the bottom of the door jams for the hardwood to slide under they created a great deal of smoke.  So my phone rings at work and it is Abi.  She wants to know if the fire department is automatically dispatched when the fire alarm goes off.  I say I don’t think so, I think I remember the installer telling me that the alarm company calls first.  While on the phone her caller ID clicks.  She thinks it might be the alarm co and answers it.  Meanwhile I call the fire chief to let him know what is going on at this time he asks “Is your address 930?”  Yes.  They are being dispatched as I talk to him.  So he sends one Engine non-emergency to check it out.  They take to two wireless smoke alarms from the first and second floor and place them outside so they do not go off anymore.  Tragedy 1 averted.  Surprisingly Helen did not call to see if everything was OK.

She takes the dogs for their appointment and after 1 hour they are done.  She goes to pick them up and on the way back home notices that Cooper is bleeding from his nails all over the back seat of the rental car.  (Oh did I mention that the Jeep had problems last week and needs a new transfer case?)  The groomer was a new lady and cut three nails too short.  So she speeds home to get him in the house and apply some direct pressure.  She has the dogs outside while she cleans the blood from the rental car seat. (I am sure they frown on the back seats of their rental cars looking like a homicide occurred there.  So now the back step and door look like a homicide occurred there.  Dogs nails are similar to peoples heads when it comes to bleeding.  It bleeds a lot!

Through it all though Abi performed beautifully.  Way to keep it together!


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