Been a while

December 6, 2006 at 8:07 am Leave a comment

I know that it has been a while since my last post.  It has been very busy around here.

At home I have been working on Christmas related items (purchasing gifts, hanging decorations, trimming the tree, keeping Owen from eating the glass balls).

At work it has been very busy.  (Getting issues remediated before the end of the year, employee reviews (YUCK!))

Went hunting in Perry County on the 1st day (November 27th).  I could have worn shorts and a Tee-Shirt!  It was very warm in the afetrnoon and the deer were not moving.  Saw 6 all doe.  No shots taken.  Still better than working though!

Went to a fire in West Manchester Township on Sunday (12/3/06) night.  One of our guys saved a dog.  no one could find the home owners so the fire chief left a note on the front door.  Could you image coming home to find all your living room belongings in the front yard and a huge hole in your roof?

The BCS…  Don’t even get me started on the rediculousness of this whole process.  I am starting to think that building consensus among college football fans and coaches is about as likely as President Bush and OBL hanging out at superbowl party drinking beers and hoping to spot a crotch shot of Britney Spears getting out of the $500,000 Mercedes McClaren.

Does anyone belive that that whole situation was an accident?  Come on even Brit is not that dumb.  Paris was caught in the exact same situation a while ago.  They know that the photogs are going to be there when they get out of the car.  If you ask me she is taking all the right steps to jump start her career.  Now she just needs to come out with an album of duets with Paris and Lindsey!

More later.

Strousenet Out!


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